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Forum Thread: How to Make Solar Pool Heater

The Solar Pool Heater happened because of a ridiculously cool summer and it was to cold to get in the water. I started the solar pool heater with garden hoses. I use a 12 volt DC pump that pushes 109 gallons per hour. I think the solar pool heater runs half of that due to the resistance of 550 foot of 1 1/4 inch hose.

Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of Leafminers Naturally

Leafminers aren't picky about their dwelling. If you were a plant, healthy or puny, they'd invade your leaves too. From the luscious of home gardens to the most unkempt greenhouse, you'll find a few Leafminers there. Really, what are these notorious Leafminers? Leafminers are seen as insects in their larval stage or in plain terms, larva. These insects in their larval stage, feast on the tissues of plants. In extreme cases, a leaf would be infested with at least 6 maggots. It's highly plausib...

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