How To: Apply lime plastering

Apply lime plastering

Eager to start your lime plastering project? Check out this video to gain some advice from two pros!

* Dampen the wall with a plenty of water.
* Fill the large wides first with the lime water plaster.
* Do not put a lot of lime water as it is a heavy product. Put it a maximum of 12mm thick.
* Leave it for three to four days to dry out.
* Wet it again. Put a coat of plaster once again.
* For beginners it is advisable to do one meter at a time.
* To get a straight edge, scrape it off with a piece of wood.
* After it has dried off again in 3-4 days, put a layer of plaster again.
* Leave it for two hours and put the finishing plaster on it and leave for 1 and a half or two hours.

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