How To: Make an All-Natural Insect Repellent with Cacao Leaves

Make an All-Natural Insect Repellent with Cacao Leaves

Science investigatory projects suck, or at least seem to at first. But you shouldn't let school drag you down. Instead, use your homework assignment as an opportunity to solve a problem you've always been interested in. And it doesn't hurt if the end result is eco-friendly, either.

Take a gander at this video from YouTube user ohmydolly to learn how to mix a natural and eco-friendly insect repellent that's made with affordable materials. Not only will you be getting rid of pesky bugs from your house, but you will also be helping out the environment with these toxin-free ingredients.

Note: feel free to use this as your own science project, with or without changes.

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where can find the exact measurements of insect repelent made of cacao leaves??

im gonna ask your permission if i can copy your study but i'll add euphorbia on it ok..?

hii :)

im gonna ask also permission if i can manipulate your study but i'll make some difference of it... is it ok with you? :)

Hi. Can I ask a question? How long will it take to boil the cacao leaves?

Hi. My son has an assignment, to do research project. Your study caught my attention, we have several cacao plants. May I ask permission if my son can use your study and modify or do it differently. thanks.

I'm sure the video maker would have no issues with you using this for your son's project.

The author or creator has clearly stated that we are all free to use the science project above with or without changes. As friendly or polite as it may seem, it could be very annoying if everyone will ask if they can use the project above when there's a note clearly stating it is okay for others to use it.

SHOUTOUT to the creator of the project! Thank you so much for sharing! ;D

Hi, How many Cacao Leaves did you use for the study? What is the amount of the eucalyptus oil you put? How many Garlic? And lastly, How long it takes to boil the Cacao Leaves.. I am sorry for having so many questions..

Thank You!! I hope this can help our Project :)

Can you please answer this immediately? I am very very sorry, I need this, this week.. THANKS A LOT po!! :)

hello po ano po bang gagawin sa dinistill na garlic at anung gagawin ko kapag iaadd ko ung dalawang essential oil

What are the variables in this project?

hi um can i use your study for our science requirements?don't worry i'll add something to it.

im gonna ask also permission if i can manipulate your study but i'll make some difference of it... is it ok with you?

hello? can i use this for our investrigatory project? it seems simple enough that it wont be a problem. other investigatoryy ideas are complicated and take a lot of time.

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