How To: Easily build a rain barrel

Easily build a rain barrel

A whole is drilled into the cap of a barrel with a 3 1/4 inch bit and another one an inch or more below the top and one of 3 inches width on the next side. Spreaded adapters ends are wrapped with plumbers tape; to prevent water leaks. The ends are then screwed together and placed into the top hole in the barrel. The spiget is held into the side hole with a piece of pvc pipe and a garden hose is attached. A funnel is made with a piece of window screen mesh slightly bigger than a pvc pipe it covered, secure with a hose clamp and slid into largest hole in the barrel. The barrel is placed on four blocks. An elbow is cut out above the rain barrel within which a soft screen is, that lessons the sound of the rain and whenever the rain barrel is full it can be closed up and water continue flowing down. Additional barrels may be added along with an avenue to redirect excess water.

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