How To: eliminate Vampire power (wasted energy)

eliminate Vampire power (wasted energy)

Dig this.

40% of the energy consumed in your home is from appliances that are allegedly 'off'.

That cellular power supply charger...that 'sleeping' computer...that appliance that has a remote control. All guilty.

You may be motivated by being green. Me. I am motivated by saving money. Who cares. Let's murder the vampire together.

Honest. After watching this tutorial, I have ordered a Kill a Watt meter.

Eliminate the use of wasted energy

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I've been sucked and didn't even know it!!!

Thanks Eric!

Hey, eric! What's the price of gas out there next to Laguardia?

Thanx, good advice much apreciated

Been using powerstrips for years. But it is good to keep us informed.

But I was always wondering about those cell phone chargers though.

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