How To: Insulate your electrical outlets and conserve energy

Insulate your electrical outlets and conserve energy

Every wall switch and outlet on an outside wall is a hole in your wall. Here's how to insulate them while conserving energy and being eco-friendly.

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This method of air sealing outlets is not totally adequate. If you spray the foam around the backside of the box by sticking the foam straw back further into the wall you can actually seal the wire penetrations which will give you a much better seal. The holes in the outlet will leak and if the holes in the box arent sealed, the ourlet will still leak. Another way to add insurance to this is to place child protector caps into each unused plug in. Be sure to remove any foam that expands into the box from the backside to avoid a fire hazard. Thus method will also help fill insulation voids in the area of the wall around the outlet box which is typical in older construction.

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