How to Make a Furoshiki Japanese grocery bag

Learn how to make a Furoshiki bag, a method used by the Japanese for centuries to carry just about anything you can imagine, from food, groceries, boxes, bottles... even watermelons. A very Eco-Friendly way to reduce waste. make your own Furoshiki Japanese grocery bag today! Makes an inexpensive homemade Christmas Gift.

Make a Furoshiki Japanese grocery bag

Make a Furoshiki Japanese grocery bag Click through to watch this video on


thanks a lot

I really LOVE this idea for gift wrap that is useful and doesn't add to the landfill.

Makes a cheap homemade Christmas gift, and no one will question you because it is "cultural".

As a quilter and someone hook on beautiful fabric, this was pretty interesting. I can wrap a gift quickly from my stash. Would go over great with other fabric people. thanks.

I, too, am a quilter, and just love the fabric idea for giftwrap, a purse, and a shopping bag. Thank you for sharing this idea.

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