How To: Make your kitchen environmentally friendly

Make your kitchen environmentally friendly

This video shows how you can make your kitchen environmentally friendly.
You can save a lot of energy when heating up food by using the microwave
oven instead of using your conventional oven. Microwaves only use 20 percent
of the energy that a conventional oven uses. The microwave also keeps you
from heating the whole kitchen in the summer just to heat food. Using a
microwave on a power strip saves even more energy. The microwave oven uses
more energy off than when it's turned on because of the power used by the

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I love your video :) I would just add that you need a reliable repair service on your disposal when something goes wrong in your kitchen. I always try to repair things before throwing them away and if you ask me, that's also a way to make it environmentally friendly. A few days ago I had an issue with my Euro oven and in several services they told me to simply get a new one.. When I was about to give up, a friend recommended this service for Euro appliances and they got it repaired! So, getting my appliances repaired is my way to reduce over-consumption and make my kitchen environment friendly :)

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