How To: Take a BIC lighter apart for recycling

Take a BIC lighter apart for recycling

For on-the-go lighting of birthday candles (those surprise birthday parties really get you), homemade explosives (because making stuff explode is fun), and cigarettes, a cheapo BIC lighter is a totally awesome fix. But most BIC lighters run out pretty quickly and get tossed without second thought.

The next time you finish a lighter, check out this eco-friendly tutorial to learn how to take the lighter apart so you can recycle its components. Because being green is super sexy.

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Thank you SO MUCH to the man who made this video, and the woman who wrote the article/shared it! I feel absolutely terrible/guilty anytime I have to throw anything away! I can't stand how wasteful we are as a society, or the permanent damage we r doing 2our planet, so I try 2recycle everything I can! I'm so happy 2now have a way 2recycle lighters! I'd love 2see more videos like this! Thanks again!

The title of this "hack" is:

Take a BIC lighter apart for recycling

This was NOT a BIC lighter. My vote = 2 Thumbs Down.

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