How To: Upcycle a yogurt container into a mini-album

Upcycle a yogurt container into a mini-album

Creativity Prompt demonstrates how to turn a yogurt container into a mini-album. First, measure the lid's diameter. Then, cut a corresponding circle from your patterned paper. Use Mod Podge to adhere the paper circle to the lid and seal it with another layer of adhesive. Next, cut a bunch of different 4 x 1 inch strips of patterned paper. Adhere the paper strips to the yogurt container with Mod Podge. Seal it with another layer of adhesive and set it aside to dry. Measure the bottom of the container and cut as many circle as the number of pages you'd like your album to hold. Cut likewise circles out of scrap paper. Use the scraps as templates to punch holes through the centers of the paper circles. Thread decorative string through the circles. Punch a hole in the center of the lid. Adhere the lid to the stringed pages. Thread the string through the lid and attach a flower to the top. Outline the top and bottom rim of the container with ribbon. Your mini album is now ready to be enjoyed.

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