How To: Make mosquito netting using a plastic bag

Make mosquito netting using a plastic bag

To make mosquito netting, using a plastic bag, you will need the following: a butane torch or a campfire, a lathe, thumbtacks, and a plastic bags. The holes need to be 2 mm or less. Heat up the lathe. Lay the plastic bag on a flat and protected surface. Run the heated lathe over the plastic bag. Try to get the rows really close, without getting too close or overlapping. Overlapping will cause the holes to be larger. Also, be careful not to let it slide along, which would cause bigger holes. Check the size of the holes. If there are holes that are too big, then you can patch them, with plastic, waxed paper, and an iron, in order to make an iron on patch. Do this process to all of the bags. Then, using the patch method to fuse the bags together.

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