How To: Stack newspapers for recycling with a wagon and string

Stack newspapers for recycling with a wagon and string

The best way to get into recycling is make it simple. Recycling newspapers is a great way to start your efforts to go green. It is one of the most common paper products in your home that can be recycled. The hard part is keeping the papers from becoming a big mess while you store them. Bundling the papers and tying them up can be very hard. An easy solution for that problem is to put two pieces of string that are long enough to wrap around the bundle of papers in a wagon. Lay them in the wagon so that they form an x pattern. Lay the stack of papers on top of the string with the cross hairs of the string in the center of the bundle of paper. Wrap the string around the paper and tie the ends in a knot in the center of the paper bundles. You can put two bundles in the wagon. When you have both of them stacked and tied you can just pull the wagon to the curb and drop them off and they are ready for recycling.

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