How To: Recycle a milk carton into a tabletop lantern

Recycle a milk carton into a tabletop lantern

In this video tutorial, viewers will learn how to make a milk carton lantern. This lantern uses recycled items. The materials required for this lamp are: a milk carton, unryu paper, colored newspaper, raffia, ruler, glue gun, hole puncher, X-acto knife, glue stick and scissors. Flatten the milk carton. Draw a rectangle with each panel and measure about 1/2" form each of the sides. Measure about 3/4" from bottom and top. Cut out the rectangles with the X-acto knife. Glue the newspaper to the carton, one panel at a time. Cut off the excess newspaper. Trim the unryu newspaper to the rectangle size and glue it. This video will benefit those viewers who enjoy making arts and crafts.

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I get a "this video is private" message when I try to watch the video... .
This makes the article almost useless... . :(

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