News: Make Fuel With Mountain Dew

Make Fuel With Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew is the answer.

Inventor Paul Patone has devised a mechanism that converts soda into actual usable fuel.

"It's called the Geet Sytstem. Basically, it's a fuel booster system that can connect to any engine.

Patone said the best part is that the Geet System creates zero pollution. The engine isn't exactly full of soda pop. Patone said the complex pipe system vaporizes the fuel before it reaches the engine.

'I haven't invented the engine; all I've invented is the fuel delivery system. And this system will fit a gas engine, a diesel engine, a furnace, a boiler, it will fit anything including jet turbines,' Patone said."

More Mountain Dew fun: Create Light with Mountain Dew and Mentos.

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haha, interesting idea, but completely unpractical

it can definitely be practical, i see two liters of mountain dew for 1.25 each sometimes as low as 80 cents each... thats 1.60 a gallon! and whats with the hydro carbon? whats that mean?

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