How To: Recycle paper towel rolls

Recycle paper towel rolls

Stop throwing out the rolls when the paper towels are gone. There are dozens of good uses for them.

You Will Need

* Empty paper rolls
* Imagination

Step 1. Make gift boxes

Turn them into gift boxes. Paper rolls are great for holding small items, plus they'll keep the recipient guessing as to what's inside the tube-shaped box.

Step 2. Make fire starters

Make fire starters by stuffing them with other leftover paper goods like used tissues and napkins.

Step 3. Create curlers

Create hair curlers. Just cut the rolls into two-inch sections.

Step 4. Control electrical cords

Neaten up those unsightly tangles of electrical cord by folding the cord and feeding it into an empty paper tube.

Step 5. Tuck them inside boots

Keep empty boots from flopping over and creating creases by tucking a few paper towel tubes inside them.

Step 6. Protect documents

Protect important documents by rolling them up and tucking them inside a paper roll before storing them someplace safe.

Step 7. Improve hangers

Improve pants hangers by cutting a paper towel tube in half lengthwise and taping it on a hanger. Voila! No ugly hanger crease.

Step 8. Build a log cabin

Save paper towel rolls for a rainy day and then challenge your kids to build a beautiful log cabin out of them.

Step 9. Make Christmas crackers

Make Christmas crackers by tying small toys and/or candy with string. Leave string hanging out the end of the tube, cover it with holiday paper, and twist each end. Pull on the string and the surprise pops out!

Fact: More than half a million trees could be saved if everyone in the U.S. replaced just one roll of regular paper towels with a recycled brand.

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