How To: Renovate your home to be eco-friendly

Renovate your home to be eco-friendly

Get tips on how to make your home more eco-friendly, especially if you plan to renovate it.

Attention all brownstone daydreamers (if you're eco savvy that's a plus)! Pulse follows green builder Blake Holden as he turns a dilapidated Brooklyn brownstone into a vintage green home for the average New Yorker. Blake guides us into the construction site and through the renovation process for a peek at all the ways this eco living space is building on solid foundations. While reclaimed wood and materials preserve the look and feel of a classic brownstone, energy-saving features like blue jean insulation and radiant floor heating minimize the home's carbon footprint. And natural building materials prevent toxic indoor air pollution, ensuring a safe, healthy living environment. The end result? The family home, recycled.

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